5th Grade District Math Competition
Friday, May 5, 2006 3:05 PM

5th-Grade District Math Competition                               

On Saturday, April 22, students from Seward participated in a district-wide math competition. They spent hours, individually and in teams, working on math problems at North High School. During the last school year, these students have worked in small groups on different math concepts. On Saturday, they had the opportunity to compete with other Minneapolis schools on fact drills, number sense/space, shape and measurement, patterns, relations, and functions/uncertainty data investigations/randomness and uncertainty, and problem-solving. The students did an excellent job of representing Seward at the competition!                                                                     

Students participating were: Raquel Bajuscik, Zackary Callahan-Brito, Carter Denison, Thomas Gedion, Ian Girardeau, Zed Glawe-Strom, Hanna Hickman, Erin Holden, Benjamin Jensen, Yee Khang, Adam Kress, Eliot Larson, Darian Marshall, Sadie Pelini, Maxwell Pellinger, Dianne Persaud, Eva Peterson, Odin Russell, Kiernan Skelly, Frances Turner, and Jasmine Vasquez.                             Kiernan Skelly made Honorable Mention in the Individual rounds, and the team of Ian Girardeau, Frances Turner, and Kiernan Skelly took 4th Place in the Team rounds.                                                                                             
Thank you to all of the teachers and parents for their help and support; a special thanks to Katherine Lewis for coaching a team; a BIG thank you to all of the students who took part, for their dedication and hard work! They make us and themselves proud!                                         

---Stacy Spanier Katzovitz.