2014 - 2015 3rd Grade "I Can Statements"


3rd Grade Science Standards

2014 - 2015

These are the 3rd grade Science Standards that the children will be tested on in the 5th grade MCA Science Test. Any chance you have to reinforce them at home would be wonderful!


Solar System

This is being taught by classroom teachers

September – October

·      I can describe the daily position of the sun and explain how it changes with the seasons.

·      I can recognize the pattern of the moon’s shape and position.

·      I can explain how distance affects how large an object appears to be.

·      I can explain the orbits of the Earth, moon and sun.

·      I can explain how shadows form and can change.



Living Systems

September – October and again in April – May

·      I can analyze the structures that help living things grow, reproduce, and survive.

·      I can compare the characteristics, structures and behaviors of plants and animals. 

·      I can articulate the similarities and differences between inherited and acquired 

·      I can give examples of differences among individuals that help them reproduce and 



Engineering and Life Science - Bioengineering

November – December

·      I can explain how engineered products and services impact our natural world.

·      I can describe how an engineering design solution solves problems.

·      I can plan how to solve a problem using the engineering design process.

·      I can test and evaluate engineering design solutions.

·      I can communicate my results after testing and evaluating an engineering solution.



Physical Science – Sound

December - January

·      I can explain the factors that affect pitch.



Physical Science – Energy and properties of Matter

February – April

·      I can explain how energy can appear in different forms.

·      I can describe how light travels.

·      I can measure with accuracy using the metric system.

·      I can describe and compare the different properties of matter.

·      I can explain how states of matter change.

·      I can explain ways to generate heat energy.