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Newsletter for  Parents:



Apple Work Time:  On Monday, October 31st, we will do our “apple work”.   We make homemade applesauce in a crockpot.  The students help by peeling apples and grinding spice in this practical life activity.  It is fun to smell the apples cooking all day, and then we have a snack later in the day.   I could use a few parents:  one or two to help peel and core the apples (I have an apple slicer); and one to help with the spice work.  The apple work will go from 9:30 – 10:15 or so.  Let me know if you can help out! 


Snack:  Please look at the snack calendar October.  We do ask for healthy snacks. No cookies or snack cakes etc.   Crackers, rice cakes, cheese, gogurts are things that work well.  Believe me, they are just fine with a few crackers!    Thank you for helping with this!


Homework: Homework is due on Friday (Folders due Monday & Friday.)  Please make sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes a day for their reading logs.


Volunteers:  If you are interested in volunteering and have not been through the training with Mary Delander, there is one on 10 10/28  at 7:30, and on 11/9 at 7:30.  This has to be completed once in order to volunteer and work with students.  Thank you.