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MAP Testing for Grades 1-8


MAP testing will replace the interims and benchmarks this year in both reading and math.  We will administer the assessments in grades 1-8 this fall and winter.  Testing will begin September 26th and go until October 14th.  Students will be tested in both math and reading, which take around an hour for each test.  

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Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is committed to providing all students with the resources and tools they need to realize their academic potential.

The MCAs are state standardized tests that measure a student's proficiency on grade-level state standards. Students in grades 3-8, and 10th and 11th grade will take tests in the areas of reading (grades 3-8, grade 10), mathematics (grades 3-8, grade 11), and science (grades 5, 8, and upon completion of high school biology).

Click here to visit the MPS test prep site and access MCA Ready Booklets and additional resources!


   Practice Tests:


   Practice Tests


Science Tutorial

   Practice Tests:

Other helpful links that support test prep!  (games for math - lots of grade levels)   (math vocabulary and quick games- older/advanced students)  (all levels - free, practice exams can be printed or used online) 


PDF MCA Testing Schedule 2017   --  Reading, Math, & Science