Building Committee Updates

March 4, 2014:
Building Improvement Committee
E1 – Melissa
CH – Elizabeth
E2 – Agnes
MS – Abby
Sp. Ed – will rotate
Adhoc – Bill
Parents – Pam Berry and Theresa Bulander
We are focused on the already identified critical needs at Seward – remember this list has been developed over the last two years.  At this point no final decisions have been made about any of the additional spaces or renovation.   There have been discussions and proposed schemes for:  the entrance including the health office and office spaces, science labs (middle school) and children’s house.
The entrance:  focus on safety – there will be 2 ways into the building -- after we lock one set of doors, everyone who visits will come through the office; there will be good sight lines for the office staff to see who is coming and going, the entrance itself will be very obvious – no doubt about which doors to enter; the health office is larger and will house a minimum of three cots; new workroom and new lounge are included.
Good News:  we are able to add a third floor to part of the building!  This is good because not only does it give us more square footage for our money, it allows us to have “swing” space during construction. 
All of these plans are being reviewed and refined based on input from our staff – Liz, Gwen and Lori were able to attend last Tuesday’s meeting, Doug and John were also in attendance.  District architects and engineers who have knowledge of this process and our building are also giving feedback and then Jenni and the LSE team go back and create another scheme.
This is all BIG picture – as in creating the spaces.  We are not discussing details like carpet, tile, shelving – except to say it will be mobile for the most part.