Katharine Skibbe, Middle School English/Language Arts and sometimes Art Teacher
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I have taught in Minnneapolis Public Schools since 1991 and have been at Seward since 2002. I graduated cum laude from Augsburg College in 1979 (do the math!!!) with degrees in English, Studio Arts, and Education. I am certified to teach both English and art and love fusing the two subject areas together. I earned a master's degree in education from Saint Marys University in 1999 focusing on the area of poverty and student achievement. It is exciting for me to be an adjunct instructor at Augsburg, where I have been teaching art and adolescent literature method courses to education majors since 2000.

I love working with middle school students and hope that one of the things that becomes instilled in adolescents that I get to work with is the desire to be life long learners and to find joy in discovery and inquiry. My classes offer a variety of activities to motivate students to read, write, speak (like middle school students need more practice in talking...), and critically view media images

A gift from the 8th graders ~ 2013!
and articles. One of my top priorities is to ensure that every child is ready for the transition to high school. Each unit is planned to challenge students to continue to grow academically.

I expect that all students come to class on time with a positive attitude, materials they need to be successful, and a desire to try to do their best. I expect a respectful classroom community where all students feel safe to participate equally. I welcome any questions, concerns, and comments from parents/guardians as we work together to make each student grow and meet their own true potential.

The Middle School Update is a great way to see what is coming up in our class and what kinds of assignments we work on. Grades can be monitored through the Parent Portal.The best way to contact me is through email.

My email address is katharine.skibbe@mpls.k12.mn.us. I work hard to respond to emails as quickly as possible.

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