Welcome to my page

Welcome to Room 102: 

I am very excited to have my web page up and running.  I look forward to keeping you updated on classroom and school events, activities,  and areas of study in addition to information that will keep us in good communication.

About Me:
 I am a proud product of the Minneapolis schools and have been a teacher in the district since 1999 working in  kindergarten, 5th  and 1st grade.  I graduated from Washburn High School and received my undergrad degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota. I later pursued my k-6 teaching degree at Hamline University after working for the University of Minnesota for a number of years. I  have been working on a reading license and plan on finishing my masters degree in the near future. I completed my Montessori certification in 2010.  I have been teaching at Seward for more than 6 years and each year I feel more and more convinced that  the Montessori curriculum is an amazing way to teach and an excellent way for kids to learn.

I have lived in the Longfellow nieghborhood for over 20 years with my family. Both of my children are/have been Minneapolis kids.  My daughter recently graduated from South High School and my son  is currently a junior at South. We have been very happy with the Minneapolis Schools and I know I'll miss being a Minneapolis parent when my son graduates. Enjoy these years it goes by so fast!



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