Newsletter 10-15-08

Room 109      Newsletter                          10-15-2008

Hello to parents and guardians,

I am enjoying the wonderful group of students that I have this year.  They  are special in every way.  I look forward to see all the growth they will make this year.  
 It was great to see so many familiar faces, this last week at conferences.   Thank you all for being partners with me in your childs learning process.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any concerns.   
I would like to tell you a little about myself.  I live in St. Paul in the Como Park area.  I have two sons Jeff (23) and Erick (21).  They both attended Montessori school until sixth grade in McAllen, Texas.  I taught at a private school in Texas for 5 years.  I have a Master Degree from the College of St. Catherine.  This summer I finished my Junior High Montessori training at the Houston Montessori Center.  Some of my hobbies are ballroom dancing, reading, gardening, playing the piano and learning to speak Spanish.  I consider myself a life long learner.  I love to see children excited about learning.

Thank you

Thank you Barbara Mikk for organizing and ordering the Scholastic book orders.  Students  will get order forms soon.  The orders from our classroom help us to get free books.

Wish list-
I would like to have some books.

Dolch list-
First year students and new students will be practicing Dolch words for part of their homework.  Dolch was a man that  put together a list of words that are used often but cannot be sounded out sometimes.  I have broken them into 5 smaller lists (A-E).  Please practice these words each night for 10 minutes.  The child needs to be able to read the list 3 times (no mistakes) before it is returned to me.  It does not need to be read 3 times in the same day.  Some suggestion to help make practicing more fun are to play concentration, (make cards with each word written twice.  Have the students match the words).  Or you could play, “ Go Fish ( a card game where one player asks another player for  a card that they have in their pile of cards.  If they have the card they get to lay down the pair.  If they don’t have the word they need to go to the “Go Fish” pile.  

Timed mathematics quiz-
Each week we will take a timed math test, starting with addition, using plus zero and one.  There ar 24 problems and the children have one minute to complete all the problems.  Please have the finish the problems that are remaining on the test for practice.  Please practice math facts with your child.  “Go Fish” is a good game to play with math facts also.  Please practice for 10 to 15 minutes each night.


Students should have a list of spelling words to practice at home.  Many of the weeks in the school year are only 3 or 4 days long.  We will still have spelling words on the 4 day weeks.  The spelling tests will be on Fridays.  Please help your child by having him/her write the words 3 or 4 times at home; sound out the words; and take a practice spelling test on Thursday.

Personal Time Line
1st year and new students will be making a time line of their life.  They will need a picture  (size 3 or 4 inches) for every year  (new born, one year old, two years old, etc.) of their life.  Please make color copies of your pictures at Kinko.  It costs about a $1.00 a copy and you can fit about 6 pictures on a sheet.  You only need to send 6 or 7 pictures.  Please write a sentence or two about what your child was doing for each year of their life.  Please send the pictures as soon as possible.


I expect the students to read aloud at home for at least 20-30 minutes each day.  Third year students should be reading for about an hour.  They do not need to read for 1 hour straight (20 mins. after school, 20 mins. at dinner time, and 20 mins. at bed time).  I will send a reading log each month to record books that were read.  Please send it back at the end of the month.  
I also would like them to practice math facts for 15 minutes (3+4=7) and practice the Dolch list.  The packets are sent home on Friday and are returned on the following Friday.  Try not to have your child do the packet all in one night.  It is set up so they do a little each night.

The students would like to have a harvest party.  We are planning to have it on October 31 in the afternoon.   We will need some items donated.  A note will be sent later.  
Coming soon a Reader’s Theater presentation!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!                Sincerely,

                                Jodi Stee