My name is Agnes Kilpatrick. I started with Minneapolis Public Schools in 1986. I graduated from St Catherines College  with a degree in Elementary Education. I am licensced to teach Pre -K through  8th grade. I first became interested in Montessori education while working at a Montessori preschool during college. I took the Early childhood training at The Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Chicago.            I moved to Ireland in the early seventies. When I returned to Minneapolis in 1986, I took the E-1 training at the Houston Montessori training center before starting work in the public schools.  I completed a Masters in Education at the College of St
Catherine. Having  moved to an E-2 classroom, I returned to St. Kate's to take the E-II training. Having completed all 3 levels of training, I began working as an instructor for  in the EI Montessori Training Program at the College of St. Catherine.                                            I live in south Minneapolis with my husband Peter, who works at Target and runs "Reach For The Stars". My daughter Aisling is currently living in London. She has recently completed her masters in medical anthropology, and is working for the British Government on Health Policy.