About Music Teacher Barbara Rice

     I have been teaching music in Minneapolis since 1991.  Before 1991 I taught music in Northern Sweden for 10 years.  I have taught multi-age classrooms for most of my teaching career both in Sweden and the U.S.  I have been teaching at Seward since September 2002.  

    I enjoy teaching at Seward.  The Montessori philosophy fits very well with my Orff Schulwerk & Kodaly training.  I completed
 Kodaly certification in 1997 and Orff Certification in 2008. 

    A primary goal of music class at Seward is to develop students' musical skills through fun, hands-on activities.  I strive to create lessons where students enjoy creating beautiful music together while developing and learning musical skills.  

    In  November 2002 I became a National Board Certified Teacher in Elementary Music (NBCT) based on work I did preparing a professional portfolio of my teaching practice and taking written tests of my musical & pedgogical knowledge.  



MUSIC IS - anonymous


Music is a science. 
It is exact, specific, and it demands exact acoustics. 
A conductor's full score is a chart, a graph that indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody and harmony all at once and with the most exact control of time.
Music is mathematical. 
It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time into fractions that must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper. 

Music is a foreign language. 
It is a highly developed kind of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas. 
Music is the most complete and universal language. 

Music is History. 
Music usually reflects the environment and times of its creation. 

Music is physical education. 
It requires fantastic coordination and control of all muscle groups allowing the musician to respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets. 

Music is all of these things, but most of all,  
Music is Art.  
It allows a human being to express and evoke emotion.

That is why we teach music. 
Not because we expect you to major in music. 
Rather so you will be able to play or sing all your life. 
So you will recognize beauty. So you will be human. 

Most of all music is love.  
Love of family, and love of community. 
This is why music is "a circle of friends".