Building Renovations and Addition Approved for Seward Montessori

Building Renovations and Addition Approved for Seward Montessori

Seward Building Committee Update

In December, the School Board approved the enrollment plan proposed by the district which included plans for new programs and capital improvements in MPS. Seward Montessori will be one of the schools receiving a building addition and renovations as part of that plan. These building improvements are intended to 1) create classroom space more appropriate for our current program size and services, 2) create a more welcoming, workable, and safer main entrance/office area, and 3) address some of our multi-purpose issues such as lunchroom space and storage.

The Seward Leadership Council and Seward Building Committee, consisting of many parents and staff, have been in conversation with the district for nearly three years regarding our building and enrollment challenges. This process was hard work, but helpful for all involved. It helped develop a clear and informed picture of our program and building, and showed how building improvements would enhance student learning and safety.

The district is already in conversation with architects regarding the capital improvements in the enrollment plan. Timetables are still being negotiated and confirmed but the proposed plan states that Seward's building improvements will begin in August 2014 and will be completed in time for the 2016/2017 school year.

For more information, you may attend the Seward Montessori Leadership council (open to all parents) on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 in the media center.